Eureka INTAC Accounting System

Welcome to Eureka INTAC System solutions, a full featured integrated accounting system. Our system comprises of core accounting and operational solutions that work for a wide variety of businesses such as, trading on a wholesale or retail level, currency exchange, construction, real estate, export, import, service, repair and many others. The Eureka INTAC product line offers complete IT solutions for small, mid-sized and large companies. We also cater to the needs of companies with branches in multiple countries.

Our integrated accounting solution has been developed from the ground up using time-tested technologies from Microsoft. Eureka INTAC’s creators and designers are software engineers and accountants with extensive experience in their fields. Our system integrates e-mail, detailed analysis tools, photographs in inventory master files, personalized toolbars and several other features packed in a sleek, easy to use user interface.

Consistent user-friendly front-end design ensures ease of use and smooth task flow through the data entry process. Eureka INTAC is fully integrated and can be used in a standalone mode on a single computer or in a multi-user multi location environment with an unlimited number of users. The system is inherently multi-user in design.

The business solutions offered by Eureka Infinity are one of the most comprehensive and have the best price performance value in the market today. Eureka INTAC is an accounting system with proven business rules that will grow with your business.

Eureka INTAC Accounting System is regularly updated in order to comply with the necessary requirements for the Value Added Tax. For more information please click on the following link to download our VAT Documentation.

System Overview

Core Features
  • Multi-Company: Users can maintain multiple companies accounting system
  • Multi-User: Multiple users can work with on the same system.
  • Multi-Currency: Transactions can be done in different currencies for any selected account. The system will maintain the account balance in the currency of choice.
  • Integrated Modules: The system is fully integrated with all the modules. Avoids double entry of data. Sales quotes can pass data to sales orders, sales invoices and purchase orders. Modules for various activities can be merged to work as one complete system.
  • Simple configuration for small businesses and extensive functionality for larger businesses.
  • Runs on all versions of MS Windows operating system.